ted gibson advanced academy
technique to trend

5th Avenue, New York City - May 18th – 19th, 2014
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5th Avenue, New York City - August 17th - 18th, 2014
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Fort Lauderdale Beach - October 19th - 20th, 2014
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Ted’s artistic team teaches you the trifecta haircutting system.

As the go-to for beauty editors and fashion designers as well as TV moguls, Ted is literally on the pulse of what is happening in beauty trends. Not because he is following trends – because he is creating them!

In this 2 day, hands-on, haircutting class you will gain the insights on what it takes to not only emulate the haircutting trends you see in magazines, television and movies – you will gain a foundation strong enough to create your own.

At ted gibson we don’t teach haircuts, we teach technique.

technique to trend 2

5th Avenue, New York City - July 27th - 28th, 2014
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Attendance for each session is limited to 15 registrants.

Each session is two days long, and includes materials.

For questions or updates regarding your registration, hotel accommodations in the area or air travel, please contact Ben Ramirez at ben@tedgibsonsalon.com or 212.633.6333.

Patina is the beautiful change in appearance over time. It’s the evolution of visual character and value. At ted gibson, our mantra is “beauty is individual,” which is why we were so inspired by patina for the new 2014 collection. In Ted’s words, “Change nothing and nothing changes.”

In this two day hair cutting class, Ted’s artistic team will share with you the advanced techniques that were used to create ted gibson’s 2014 patina collection. While originating with classic timeless shapes, these techniques have grown and evolved into the modern wearable hairstyles you see today. Like the name implies, these systems will have your guest not only looking amazing when she leaves the salon but she will be loving her hair more and more as she wears it between services. By putting the skills you learn from the ted gibson 2014 patina collection into practice, you will be able to give your clients the change they are looking for with the skill set that has them pre-booking for more.

At ted gibson we don’t teach haircuts, we teach technique.


Equipment Checklist
In order for students to make the most of this class, we strongly recommend that students bring the following equipment:

  • flat iron
  • flat brush
  • wide tooth combs
  • 6 clips
  • blow dryer
  • shears
  • 3 curling irons, small medium and large
  • 3 mixed bristle round brushes, small medium and large
  • denman brush
  • paddle brush
  • heat resistant tail comb, and cutting comb
  • bobby pins
  • small and large hair pins
  • elastics
  • bungees